It’s no secret that lead generation is one of the most important parts of landing sales. Unfortunately, it’s also one thing many business owners find relatively hard.

Join us today for some actionable tips on how to turn your website into a lead generation machine. After all, why not get your website to do some of the hard work for you?

#1: Provide Value

Back in 2011, the founder of the video game platform Steam, Gabe Newell, said something interesting. While many video game publishers were railing against the issue of video game piracy, Newell had a different perspective.

He thought piracy represented a service problem. In his mind, the bulk of piracy occurred because illegitimate copies of games were often easier to acquire or sometimes objectively better than their legitimate counterparts.

He decided it was best to focus on making games easy to obtain, painless to install, and to have a strong network of support to meet the demands of buyers. He all but ignored piracy while others viewed it as the issue of the day.

In the end, it seems Newell had a point. People flocked to Steam over time and it is now a competitive giant that other companies are rushing to compete with. His platform offered a better experience and people noticed.

One way to make your own company more appealing is through blog content. If you can make interesting content people like to read, your site becomes more valuable to them. Moreover, it can help with SEO at the same time.

The trick many miss out on is not to ask for much, if anything, in return. Give people value without requiring they give you information or log in to an account. Even if it’s free and “easy,” people hate those extra steps.

Figuring out where one can add value to their site is often a great place to enlist the aid of a marketing company. It can be a tough puzzle but marketing companies specialize in coming up with good answers.

#2: Opt-in Forms All the Way Down

sales lead could best be defined as someone with significant potential to become a client. However, many business owners do a bad job of developing any way to identify these leads or contact them with interesting offers.

The trick is an opt-in form where a site visitor can give you important information. One of the best things a visitor can offer you is their email address, as this makes it easy to contact them in the future with enticing offers.

An email sign-up means you can more or less contact a customer indefinitely. For this reason, you want to do everything you can to allow a customer to sign up, if they want, on every page of your site.

This isn’t hard to do either; just have the form somewhere easy to see but in a way that doesn’t distract too hard from your content. The side of the page is many business owners go-to for such a form and that should work fine.

There is a caveat to email lists, of course. If you send too many emails, your leads might unsubscribe from your list. Don’t push things too much and, if you can, try to tailor your emails to offers a given lead is likely to care about.

#3: Be Ready to Strike

As anyone with an online presence should realise, human attention spans are short. In fact, research seems to indicate they’re shortening compared to even a few decades ago.

Business leads tend to burn out quickly because people can’t be bothered to care for very long. If you have their attention, you need to use it.

Here’s where it helps to balance all the tips we’ve discussed so far together. First comes the signal a lead may be ready to be converted into a sale. This may be adding items to a cart or wishlist, creating an account, or signing up for your email list.

This is when you can venture to ask for some of a commitment (often either time or money). However, that commitment should be insignificant to what you are offering them. The more you ask, the more you must offer.

Asking for some time? Your email list needs to have good deals or your account system had better be easy to use and save more time in the long run.

Asking for money? That can be even harder; whatever you’re offering must be worth it. People should only pay if they are going to get a ton of value in return.

Real lead value comes from their excitement and interest in what you’re offering. Since that fades over time, you want to make sure you confront them with a good offer as early as you can.

#4: Sales Breed Sales (if You Let Them)

It’s often said in business that it’s easier to keep a customer than make a new one. Generating business leads is important, but your site had better make it easy for returning leads to make more purchases too.

This is what’s called customer retention and it’s critical to running a smooth business. If a lead has given you their time or money, the chances are good they may trust you enough to do so again.

As for how to give them the opportunity to do so, there are a few good ways you can start with. For example, if they buy a product on your site, you can design it so it then shows them similar items they might also like.

This is why so many sites allow you to buy without an account but encourage you to create one. Yes, it saves time by keeping track of your info. However, it also lets them tailor your experience to your habits to better sell you on more goods or services.

Your Website Can Become a Lead Generation Machine

Having your website aid in lead generation is not the challenge many make it out to be. With the right practices in place, a website can become a powerful tool in converting visitors into clients.

At Wicked Funnels, we specialise in helping our clients generate clients of their own. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you convert leads to sales, why not tell us more about yourself?

About the author
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