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Web Design

Your customers will use the web to learn about your brand identity and your business values. We have created an easy, hassle-free, and guided process that will help you get an intuitive, user-centric interface that engage, delight, and communicate clearly on all devices.

Responsive Website Design and Development

Your customers will have a comprehensive digital experience that is carefully crafted to function consistently and seamlessly across all the various devices and web browsers. From desktop large screens to small mobile phones and tablet devices, our websites scale and adjust smoothly to the context of multi-device users and interactions.

web design
app dev

Back-end Connectivity

We are devoted strategists and believe that thoughtful connectivity to backend applications lays the groundwork for intuitive, efficient, and effective customer experience. This also gives the businesses the chance to respond faster to customer demands, which is a critical aspect in a highly competitive world.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Wireframing gives you a visual overview of content and structure in the framework of a particular interface, and prototyping is the process of testing specific interactions in that context. Together, they allow us to study the performance of a website and make fast, confident decisions that will guarantee maximum usability of the fully developed site.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

In a the modern world, information distribution needs to be dynamic. We are experts at designing and implementing content management systems like WordPress, which will give your business the control over the content and the flexibility to access, deploy, and update it effortlessly.


Wicked Funnels have been a really great team to work with. The work done was to a very high standard & turnaround time was great, including when we needed further changes. Wicked Funnels provided excellent value for money and I am really happy with the work they have done. Looking forward to the next project together!

Harriet Geoghegan

Marketing Manager | Eye Connect


Moe and his team had a brief and quick turnaround requirement for a Facebook campaign we undertook for a not so savvy client. The client didn’t understand the difference between CPMs and a small cat. While that may sound flippant, it is, in fact, the most dangerous client to have as they have no concept of success or otherwise – with the only exclusion being if their product moves. Moe and his team at Wicked Funnels grasped this immediately and went out of their way to ensure that not only was the campaign built in a robust and measured way, but they were excellent in ensuring client knew what was going on. When, how and what they were doing at all times to allow the client to finally understand just how successful and jargon-free the campaign and process became. The product shifted beyond expectation and now the client wishes to ensure Wicked Funnels is the only company to work on its full catalogue, and as a bonus, look after the cat.

Adam Wells

Production Value Partnerships


Wicked Funnels has been an incredible asset to Ordermentum, providing really insightful strategies and rolling them out for us. Moe is incredibly responsive and always on hand for questions, support and changes. And best of all, our marketing results have been fantastic – leads growing rapidly and the CPA coming down

Harriet Geoghegan

Marketing Director | Ordermentum



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What are you interested in
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